LSE SU Finance Society is the largest career-oriented society at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and one of the largest in Europe. We position ourselves as a professional student body group that acts as a bridge between our sponsors and members to facilitate the mutual exchange of ideas, knowledge and careers information between the two.

Mission Statement
For our members:
To provide high-quality, educational and interesting events and initiatives to raise the level of financial literacy on campus.
To distribute a wide-range of careers information to broaden our members’ career choices.
To provide exclusive networking opportunities and skills sessions to maximise our members’ advantage over others in our sponsors’ internships application process.
To provide a platform on which our members can accumulate experience in management, organisation and leadership to improve their own personal development.
To provide a forum where interesting issues about finance are discussed and ideas are exchanged
For our sponsors:
To provide professional, reliable and exemplary services exceeding expectations to optimise the value of money that our sponsors invest in us.
To organise events and networking receptions to establish contacts between our sponsors and our members.
To promote our sponsors’ brands.
To distribute adequate and timely career information to complement our sponsors’ recruitment efforts.
Organisational Structure
The society is led by a 9-member Executive Committee, which in turn is supported by 5 Divisions. These Divisions are:

Special Projects
They perform specific functions to ensure that our events are seamlessly organised to our sponsors’ satisfaction and our members have good opportunities to further their own personal development.

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